Aircraft Interior Adhesive Solution

At Applichem Inc, we have partnered with companies in the aircraft industry, to create a versatile contact adhesive designed specifically for aviation interior refurbishment.

A solution that:

  • Has excellent coverage

  • Bonds many substrates found in aircraft interiors

  • Provides rapid bonding of lightweight parts

  • Has good flexibility and great initial tack, as well as high temperature resistance

  • Provides strong, durable bonds – able to withstand the rigorous environment of aircraft interiors

What do we call this solution? Formobond 81-0389.

Where is the best place to use it? Aircraft interiors. Seating and wall panels; also, cabinets, flooring, and most other components of aircraft interiors. Pretty much anywhere inside an aircraft where there’s an adhesive need!

Formobond 81-0389 is shipped out of Omaha, NE, and is recognized globally for its flexible bond.

Want to learn more about this solution, or find out what our customers are saying about it? Check out our brochure here, or our white paper here.

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"When industry requires an adhesive solutions ally, they think of Applichem."

Published July 18, 2018