We don't have salespeople.

Adhesive Industry Consultants

We have adhesive consultants.

When it comes to something as important as gluing your finished product, hasty unguided decisions can be near disastrous when the wrong glue is chosen.  We've seen it.  That's why the people at Applichem have set themselves to become adhesive experts - and been successful in doing just that.

"When industry requires an adhesive solutions ally, they think of Applichem."


Facts aren't facts until they're proven. 

That's why Applichem provides lab testing.

Applichem lab adhesive testing

Sell glue?  Nah, not us!  We don't sell glue, we provide you with the answers to your bonding applications.  Sure, it might be glue, but more than anything it's peace of mind.  A little extra time to yourself.  More freedom to concentrate on growing your business - not solving sticky issues.

So how do you know the solution we provide you is going to work in the field? Even though the "experts" should know what they're talking about, how does a person know it's really going to work?

Applichem lab testing

Relax.  We've got testing abilities right here in-house that can determine exactly how suited our adhesive is to your application.  Our lab technology allows us to test shear, tensile, cleavage and peel strength as well as heat aging and various other stress tests.  The results of these tests tell us how the finished product is going to hold up in the field.  If the results aren't satisfactory, we'll keep researching and tweaking until we've got something that really works.  Yes, we're willing to get our hands dirty for you!

Besides various tests which are available, we're also here to make sure you are going to be completely comfortable with every aspect of your gluing process.  We'll work together to ensure that you get the proper training and feel good about the whole process. 

In short:  when in doubt, let us test it out.