Things are always happening around here.

Things that are happening around here

And we want you to know about them.

Whether it's a new product, another satisfied customer, a change in the way we do things, or just shedding a bit of light on something we've known about for a long time, we'd love to share it with you. So watch this space as little bits and pieces about what's happening arrive here!

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Great Dane Conference

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the three day Great Dane Aftermarket Parts & Service Conference. The conference focuses around the...

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GHS Compliance as of June 2015

The format & content of Applichem's own product labels & safety data sheets (SDSs) are being updated in support of our commitment to updated Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Hazard Communication Standard (HAZCOM) and the adoption of the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

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Small Package: Big Results

Several years ago, the revolutionary TensorGrip® EP0-CA Refrigerated Trailer Repair Adhesive began its crusade through the marketplace. It wasn't long until EP0-CA was making big waves in its realm of influence. Since then, it's been a journey of growth, change and innovation to steadily make the process easier and still quicker!

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The New Tensor Look

We’re all aware of the New Year roaring up at us, but one thing you may not be aware of is that the Tensor lion is roaring up too! 

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Our New Consultant

Our new consultantA new member has joined our team!  He's intelligent, quick and always right there for you.  He can be several places at once and in many different forms.  He changes & grows when our product line does.  Let me introduce you to our Consultant. 

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Coming Unglued

Hmm.  We're adhesive experts.  When you think of adhesive, sticky is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  Yeah, but if a person's good at sticking things, they've got to know how to un-stick them too.  Because what happens if somebody falls in love with our TensorGrip® spray adhesive and just mists a bit here and there (where it shouldn't be) for fun?  Or there's a little accident?  Or just too much stickiness? 

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The Blockbuster Adhesive

TensorGrip® is synonymous with canister contact adhesive - in several parts of the world.  But I can bet that you probably don't know the history behind the brand! 

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Hello to the New Website

Bet you've noticed the new look of applicheminc.com…but perhaps you're wondering what to do next.  Let's take a quick tour of our site.

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TensorGrip 81-0389 Renamed TensorBond

Don't worry. The product won't change.  It's going to remain exactly the same - just that it's going to be called TensorBond® 81-0389. You'll see a green logo like this: Tensorbond logo on the label and other literature now.  But that's all.  Have a look at what 81-0389 is here:  download TDS.

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