We’ve been in the industry for 40 years now, and have acquired some experience along the way. We manufacture, package, and distribute adhesives and specialty tapes to manufacturers throughout the United States and internationally. 

We know it can be confusing and sometimes daunting to find the best adhesive or tape for an application, so we’ve set out to make it easier for you as the end user to find the correct adhesive. We are excited to bring you our "industry toolkits" (coming soon...!), for the more standard applications that are found in each industry, while still being able to modify our “standard” products. If you’re looking for a custom color or a specific performance set, we can modify one of our existing products or develop an entirely new product.

Not finding an adhesive, sealant or a tape type you’re looking for under your industry? No sweat, just give us a call at 800 383 4583 or head over to our contact us page and we’ll be happy to help!


Coming Soon: Industry Toolkits


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