At Applichem, we offer many different contact and spray adhesives.

  • Water-Based Adhesives

  • Solvent-Based Adhesives

  • Non-Flammable Adhesives

  • Flammable Adhesives

  • Urethane Adhesives

  • Low HAPs Adhesives

  • Low VOC Adhesives

  • Polystyrene-Safe Adhesives

  • And much more!

See below for some example applications. Learn more about canister system adhesives here!


Example Applications

  • Bonding foam to wood, metal, or vinyl for athletic equipment manufacturing
  • Bonding plastic laminate to wood in commercial cabinetry
  • EPS bonding for garage door panels
  • Various applications in the structural insulated panels, infusion molding, aircraft refurbishing, and acoustical panels industries


Like we said, there are many other uses for contact and spray adhesives, contact us today to learn more!