Adhesive Canister System Equipment

Canister system equipment consists of a hose, gun and spray tip, all designed specifically for use with adhesive canisters. This is the only equipment needed for a canister adhesive system, so it is a very portable and easy-to-use system.

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The setup is quite simple, with the hose attached to the canister at one end, to the gun at the other end, and with the spray tip attached to the gun. This equipment is necessary to spray the adhesive from the canister in a controlled manner. With no extra air or electricity needed, these systems are simple to set up and move around, and can be used in just about any application!

As well as being simple to use, canister system equipment requires virtually no maintenance! Not only is there minimal equipment to take care of, each piece of equipment rarely needs maintenance. The only time maintenance may be needed, is if there happens to be some adhesive build-up in the hose or gun, or on the spray tip. However, as long as the canister valve is left open while the equipment is attached, this shouldn’t happen.

Cleaning canister system equipment is easy, simply spray the tip or purge the gun and hose with TensorGrip S101 or a similar cleaner!

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