Adhesives for Manufactured Housing: A Special Solution

At Applichem Inc, we have partnered with prefab home and building manufacturers, to create a revolutionary adhesive.

An adhesive that:

  • Meets ASTM C557 and CA 25-4 Standards
  • Has a quick and easy application
  • Is low cost, with low maintenance equipment
  • Has polyurethane bonding strength
  • Has greater coverage than adhesives usually used in the industry
  • Has a tight, gap-filling bond
  • Adheres to wet and frozen wood
  • Provides a squeak-free final result

Enter, Formobond PC27!

Formobond PC27 comes in two sizes – our 22L and 7L canisters. One 22L canister is equal to 250 28oz tubes of regular adhesive, and with a bead size of approximately ¼ inch, yields up to 12,000 linear feet of coverage.

Check out our video library here, or download the product brochure here.

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