Product Spotlight: Aqua-Shield Marine Growth Inhibitor

What is Aqua-Shield?

Aqua-Shield is an environmentally-friendly mist spray marine growth inhibitor, used in numerous applications across the marine industry. It works by creating a slick surface, which then prevents barnacles, mussels and other marine growth from attaching to the surface.

Aqua-Shield is used on boat hulls, propellers, docks, buoys or anything else in the water where marine growth is not desired. It can be used on aluminum, fiberglass, steel, paint, and many other substrates used on boat hulls.

Using Aqua-Shield not only eliminates the need for costly scraping, repainting and down time for marine vessels – it also reduces drag, increasing fuel economy. It is a great replacement for the harmful anti-fouling paints and silicone film coats typically used in the industry.

Aqua-Shield is designed as a portable, self-contained spray system for field or shop applications. It is supplied in a self-contained pressurized canister system, which makes for a quick and easy application. This time-saving, cost-reducing marine growth inhibitor system is unlike any other product on the market.

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