Product Spotlight: Formobond H156 Acrylic High Performance Hotmelt

Formobond H156 is a high-performance acrylic hot melt adhesive, used across a variety of industries. It is designed for multiple different applications, and can bond many different substrates, including difficult-to-bond substrates. One of the main benefits of H156 is that it can quickly bond plastics. As well as plastics, it can also bond concrete, carpet tack strips, metal, wood, vinyl, glass, ceramics and a variety of other substrates.

Formobond H156 comes in stick form, and can be dispersed through most hot melt systems with the gun operating at 375ºF. Acrylic hot melts tend to cost a bit more than traditional hot melts, but this is because they offer high strength bonds in applications where traditional hot melts fail. They are more flexible and provide better shock resistance, so are good for applications that include moving parts.

Do you have an application that you think Formobond H156 would be good for? Or want to learn more about one of our other hotmelts, such as Formobond H805 or Formobond H103?

Contact us and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding, and we would be happy to guide you through to adhesive success!

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