Product Spotlight: Formobond OS4 Performance Polymer Adhesive/Sealant

Formobond OS4 is one of our silicone sealants, a non-hazardous, moisture-cure adhesive/sealant. It is used across a wide variety of industries and applications, as it will stick to just about anything. It is used for general industrial sealing and bonding applications and is used in a number of diverse sealing and bonding applications, such as space-filling rubber adhesive or formed-in-place gaskets. OS4 is especially good for bonding and sealing hard-to-bond substrates.

Although it will bond to most anything, the bond strength is fairly low. However, Formobond OS4 retains its bond through impact, peel, flex and changing temperatures. It is highly weather resistant, resisting sunlight, rain, sleet, snow, UV rays, ozone and temperature extremes.

Formobond OS4 can be applied via extrusion or trowel, although it is most commonly extruded via a caulking gun. It has a broad service temperature range, and can be applied in damp or dry conditions. The majority of its strength is developed in the first 24 hours, but several days may be required for maximum cure. Cure time can be accelerated at higher temperatures.

Interested in using Formobond OS4 for your application, or looking for another sealant? Contact us and let us know your application, we’d love to provide our recommendations!

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