Product Spotlight: Formobond W700

Formobond W700 is on of our specialty adhesives. It is a cold press wood adhesive, for general bonding of many substrates used in the woodworking industry. It’s designed for cold press applications, edge bonding, veneer & HPL laminating, panel to frame bonding, wood to wood bonding, laminating applications, and general-purpose wood assembly.

W700 can be applied by brush, roller, squeeze-bottle, extruder or dipping, and is easy to clean up. This high strength adhesive has a long open time, which makes for extended closed assembly time for press preparation. It has good low temperature curing properties, and once cured, has excellent sanding properties. Formobond W700 is available in multiple sizes to suit your needs, depending upon your application.

Curious to learn more? Contact us and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding, and we’ll be happy to provide our recommendations!

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