Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P307

TensorGrip P307 is a CA compliant contact adhesive. It’s a multi-purpose canister system adhesive that provides a very aggressive bond to nearly any surface. P307 can be used in applications across a variety of industries, including the woodworking, insulation, transportation and signage industries, as well as in many general industry applications.

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P307 bonds plastic laminate, foam, panels, insulation, and many substrates. It has a long open time and fast set, providing a strong initial bond and a high-strength, long-term bond. Dry time is 2-4 minutes, dependent on temperature and humidity. Although it is flammable, it still has a good heat resistance of up to 180°F/82°C. TensorGrip P307 is low VOC, maintaining strict compliance with SCAQMD Rule 1168.

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