Formobond T220 | Display/Signage Toolkit

What is it?

A structural acrylic adhesive tape for high bond applications.

What does it bond?

A wide variety of materials in the display/signage industry where permanent flexibility is needed, and where static load is high.

What are the benefits?

  • .062” thickness

  • Replaces screws, riveting, and welding

  • Creates structural bond

  • Very flexible and compressible

  • High strength

  • Long aging – resists hardening or embrittlement

  • Maintains adhesion and subzero temperatures

  • Similar or greater green strength to tapes currently on the market

Download Product TDS

What sizes are available?

  • .25” x 36 yards

  • .5” x 36 yards

  • .75” x 36 yards

  • 1” x 36 yards

For best results, use of Formobond D940 primer to clean surface and promote adhesion is recommended.

Formobond T220


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