Applichem has formulated a broad range of products to meet the adhesive needs of a variety of industries. With a focus on continued development and product testing, we offer a comprehensive range of superior products that continue to grow to meet the ever changing demands for quality and efficiency in the industrial workplace. Also, as your adhesive ally, we understand that not every application has an off the shelf solution. With our team of adhesive consultants, we can work with you to develop customized solutions to fit your specific needs!


Product Range


Industries We Serve

Agriculture |  Accessibility Ramps  |  Acoustical Panels  |  Aircraft Refurbishing/Seating  |  Athletic Equipment

Commercial Cabinetry  |  Commercial Interiors  |  Composites  |  Construction  |  Conveyor Belts

Display/Signage  |  Electronics |  EPS/SIPS  |  Flooring  |  Foam Fabrication  |  Furniture

Industrial Air Filters  |  Insulation  |  Manufactured Housing  |  Marine  |  Marker Boards  |  Metal Building Insulation

Portable Enclosures  |  Trailer  |  Vehicle/Transportation

And many other industries!


General Industry Adhesive Applications

General Industry Adhesive Applications